Noraa plywood is crafted keeping in mind the image and promises it has stood by to its customers. Using dense and high-quality veneers of uniform thickness without timber defects is one way to ensure durability and performance. We use super reliable highly fortified synthetic resins to glue the veneers together. A consecutive pressing also follows the preservative treatment, to be backed up by conditioning.

Using modern hardeners and additives to stabilize and balance the entire product range, Noraa plywood matches the ISI and international standards. Consistency, punctuality and quality together have helped Noraa plywood establish its identity in the marketing world.

Noraa Gold BWP Ply

Noraa marine plywood is designed to withstand tough climatic conditions, and coastal parameters and hence is made from selective timber bonded with water and boil-resistant PF resin of only high quality to aid durability. The final product is then treated with top-notch preservatives to undergo rigorous quality checks conducted by trained professionals. Apart from routine vigilance at each step, we ensure each piece is monitored thoroughly by our highly competent staff to deliver the finesse we are known for.


Kitchen cabinets, bathroom panelling, bus & truck bodies, Railway coaches, interiors of ships & liners, heat exchanges and other interior and exterior woodworking needs.


Quality assurance is promised by Noraa as the block boards made from top-quality pine wood logs, are well seasoned and chemically treated before being converted into proficient battens. Further, these battens are then sandwiched between two mechanically dried veneers and hot pressed. Noraa believes that block boards are ideal for good strong support especially exquisite woodwork.

APPLICATION:-Furniture, Cabinets, Cupboards, Roofing, Fencing, Bank Counters And Other Interior Applications.


Noraalam was a brand established in 2003, only to become an identity within a short period of time rising in the laminate industry by delivering promising and expert interior solutions.
Noraalam gets pretty versatile in ranges and finishes styles such as metallic, laser, designer prints, high gloss, texture, wood grains, soft/super matt, and marble that find their respective needs and demands in various sectors of modern society such as homes, offices, hospitals, public places, schools, etc.
Noraalam with its choices in the range makes your home vibrant, bright and eye-catching. We make sure that our laminates complement all other parts of the space, making it a visual treat. We are the most trusted laminates brand with a high range of reliable products. In a nutshell, we deliver on our promises in quality and style.