Noraa Ply is a leading and distinguished brand in the industry ever since its descent in 2007 as a humble modest startup. The success is all about the consistency and faith of customers entrusting us with their expectations and demands over years. The production started with limited options to begin with but soon, the business and production spread into the market with variety of options and tailored designs to suit and fit everyone. We value our customers the most and ensure only quality services and products reaching them. The company envisions the potential in the industry and is constantly striving to make it to the top. The mission is to be the best in the market not just by quantity but quality.

We aspire to be a one-stop solution to all your needs and wants and thereby stand open to innovations and trends. Noraa Ply stands ready to deliver top-notch products and services to its precious customers.

Our Products


Noraa plywood is crafted keeping in mind the image and promises it has stood by to its customers. Using dense and high-quality veneers of uniform thickness without timber defects is one way to ensure durability and performance


Chequered ply is densified, compact, and toughened variety. The perks of this ply include its providence as anti-skid and friction-resistant surfaces as it is treated with thermosetting phenolic chemicals and anti-microbial chemicals on both sides of its surface.

Noraa Film Face Shuttering Ply

A personal favourite amongst contractors, builders and developers, it owes its popularity to extra compression for nails and screws to hold up and enhanced load-bearing capacity


Noraalam with its choices in the range makes your home vibrant, bright and eye-catching. We make sure that our laminates complement all other parts of the space, making it a visual treat.

what our clients say

I have been using Noraa Plywood in my interior projects for quite some time. The quality of the material is comparable to that of any leading brand available in the market at a very affordable price.

Giridhari Prasad

Interior Designer

We have been using Noraa Shuttering Plywood since 2010 and every time our confidence on product increases as we get more than 15 repetation in 30kg plywood.


Civil Contractor

We are selling Noraa Chequered ply for more than a decade and our clients are repeatedly asking for the same brand, which boost our confidence.

Hanuman Singh