About Us

“The establishment of great empires begin from smaller basements, greatest inventions from stupid questions and golden histories from trifle of instances”

 From a modest start as a small industry in 2007, Noraa Ply embarked on its new journey to pledge its pride in the plywood and laminate industry as a trusted and leading brand. The decade of successful inundation, saw its fair share of ups and downs giving the company the experience and strength it today holds.

The journey started off with two products Noraa MR grade and Noraa BWR grade ply, which soon got overwhelming response due to the quality and expertise it was framed with. Ever since then, the company stayed afoot with innovations and evolutions in the industry to always keep up with the expectations and demand of the masses. A range of new products were launched, attending the needs and calls by the customers, out of which Noraa Film Face Shuttering Ply, was the first in its days to be printed with the logo all over it preventing the duplication of brand back in 2009; it was a substantial achievement in the industry. Next came the Noraa Chequered Ply grabbed the most attention due to its customizable size provided by the company which saved the time and pain of making it to fit according to its needs. Due to this they became the favorite to contractors and vehicle body builders along with quality and durability. The company further expanded its service and product range in 2014 by entering the laminate segment under the name of Noraalam. The laminates were designed in variable thickness of 0.8 mm and 1 mm, targeting different needs and uses. This brand too made its reputation in the market because of the quality of services it provided.

At Noraa we value our customers as their trust and reliance are the most important investment we aspire for. We take pride in standing to be the best in quality and expertise to ensure maximum customer satisfaction to take our relationship the long way.


Noraa envisions a future in being best in quality rather than biggest in quantity. "To be the most admired company involved in providing it's consumers a wide array of interior and exterior infrastructure products." Designing and delivering mastered products and services with impeccable excellence is what we aspire for as a brand of value. The company commits to active evolution and innovation always staying fresh on the trends to make it to the top. We take pride in curating finesse to witness custom sizes and tailored styles designated just for you.


At Noraa ply, the most important aspect of business is customer satisfaction and long-term relationship that builds around trust and transactions. We make efforts at providing the best quality products at competitive market prices with a directed plan to create differential value through superior products offering. We constantly strive to better our services deliver the expected, and change according to customer’s demand. We are set on a mission to make Noraa Ply a leading brand globally.


Noraa finds utmost contentment and pride standing strong in customer satisfaction with quality products and professional services without deterioration. We as a company focus not only on sales but also the expectations of customers behind the whole process of buying and trusting a brand. Building a name is tough, maintaining it is even tougher and we as a company strive to keep up to the quality and services we promised throughout our functioning.